There were a lot of predictions about the presence of Northern Lights last night.  To see them has been a desire of mine. 

The first attempt was a number of years ago.  News outlets promised a good showing. My adventure loving daughter asked to ride along. She had recently been diagnosed with Cronhs disease and was so weak, the best she could do was curl up in a blanket on the passenger’s seat. We had a choice of heading up to Milaca or over to Alexandria. We made the choice to go to Milaca. It was the wrong choice. The lights turned on in Alexandria and were a no show in Milaca.  We started out about 7 pm and didn’t return till 3am. Much of the time she slept. I look back on that night with tender fondness.

The second time was not a memorable experience. My wife doesn’t remember it at all, and what I remembered was that I felt bad that she was along for the ride when I had no clue where I was going. Yet, she stuck with me even in my confusion.

When we got to the lake, the scene was idyllic until we stepped outside. We were met by a reception committee of blood suckers. Frogs near the  shore called out with sounds like jaws harps. A few cars came and went. We were there from 9pm to 11:30 and did not see any Aurora Borealis like lights in the sky. We got home 12:30 and both agreed that we had made the right choice being closer to home.

What does it matter that I have not found the Northern Lights? Maybe I’ll find them and maybe I won’t. What is crucial is that we have been on a journey. On a journey, there is no guaranteed outcome. You can’t know what you will discover.

Ultimately the question I need to ask myself is, did I journey well?  Did I journey well  with my debilitated but determined daughter? Did I journey well with my kind hearted wife, encouraging me to find my dreams? Did I journey well yesterday as we chose adventure over frustration?

Maybe someday I will find the lights. But it will not diminish my sense of wonder of those I travel with.