The trailer was packed, our car was packed and our daughter’s car was packed. She was headed to Memphis to start a Master’s program to become a licensed dietitian. We left our home around 8 am. We realized that it was going to be a long drive, an optimistic 12 hours.  All told, it turned into 18 hours, between the weather and the trailer.

The first part of the trip went smoothly. By lunchtime rain developed and for the rest of the day we drove through bands of showers that poured so fiercely that you couldn’t see the road ahead, and the large trucks were a faint outline ahead. After about 10 minutes the storms would pass, and the road would continued.

The sunset came and it got harder to navigate. Hazard lights, rain, and dark made the drive more difficult. To break up the drive we agreed to stop for dinner. Because of deitary needs we headed for a restaurant called St. Louis Bread Company. It looked similar to a Panera Bread, diet issues solved.

On my way to the restaurant a fire engine came barreling out of the station in front of me, lights flashing. Colors exploded in my face and I jammed my foot on the brake until the truck passed and night had returned.

It turned out that St. Louis Bread Company was a Panera Bread right down to the header on the receipt.  Broccoli cheddar soup never tasted so good. We as red-eyed travelers, convened on what to do next. After a short deliberation it was decided that it would be best to spend the night and head out in the daylight hours. We were all fast asleep soon after entering hotel for the night. The next day traffic cones and shifting lanes confirmed that we had made a good choice, a very good choice.