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Zach Sobiech died this week. He was a teenager who lived in Minnesota with the diagnosis of bone cancer hanging over him. One of the gifts Zach created in his last days of life was an inspiring video and a song called ‘Clouds’ that went viral. I was moved along with others as I watched the video. He is a role model for living life to the fullest with the time you are given. He appears to be an amazing young man, who loves freely, faces his own death, and admits his fears.

Several people commented on the website that they watched the video and afterwards felt sad as he didn’t actually say where he was going after he died.

Does he have to use certain jargon to have his video and life approved by these two sad people? In the video he does use the word ‘faith’, but that’s still pretty vague.

I don’t know what Zach believes about God and heaven, because he didn’t share it in any depth, nor did he have to. God is the final arbiter of his faith, whether Zach mentions him or not. We are off the hook. We don’t have to figure out where he is going.

However we are free to experience through the magic of video, the wonder of Zach’s last days on earth, and commit him to God, who loves him with a love we can’t begin to comprehend. What I did see was a teenager living a full life on limited time. I saw a teenager who loved deeply and was loved deeply. I saw a teenager who faced the mysteries of life with more courage than most.

You will recognize them by their fruit. Matthew 7:20

I feel sad when people express their need to hear specific words or jargon to determine who’s in or out of the kingdom. I am reminded of the movie “Miss Congeniality”. During the question and answer segment of the beauty contest, each contestant is asked what is the one most important thing our society needs. Each contestant answers “World Peace!” When Gracie Hart is asked the question she responds.”That would be harsher penalties for parole violators, Stan.” The audience is silent, stunned by her response. “And world peace!” she adds, as the crowds cheer wildly!