20130129-214723.jpgBefore the snows hit in the evening, we spent time with one of our grandchildren. Maddie enjoyed walking around using a toy designed to keep children stabilized while standing upright, whether they were “walking” or not. As long as she was close to the toy, balance and bipedal movement was attainable.

Through the evening hours snow turned to rain, and the temperature changed its settings to freeze, making an impromptu skating rink of the ground by morning. Even the dog was caught off guard, jumping up on the front porch landing, and skidding to a stop.

Today is garbage collection day. I shook ice melt pellets down the slant of our driveway. I then returned and retrieved the garbage and recycling bins. As I navigated the icy asphalt, I found much greater stability if I slid the whole bin down rather than just using the wheels. For a brief moment, I felt the joy that Maddie must have felt; a sense of stability and balance. In a world that is constantly changing stability and balance are good things. Very good things.