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     The narrator’s voice came over the speakers. “And the Spirit moved over the face of the deep.” The voice trailed off and there was stillness in the darkened sanctuary. A faint repetitive swishing noise could be heard in the stillness.

     Representing the idea from the Scripture reading in the Christmas Eve service, ghostly kites, operated by choir members, hovered in the darken void above the sanitary, representing the Spirit moving across the face of the deep. Swirling down the isle, soaring over the heads of the worshippers, spirit hovered above. Streamer tails dipped close to congregants and candles.

     On one pass, a kite tail touched the tops of people’s heads. A little boy stood on his father’s lap, arms stretched skyward, grasping after spirit. The next pass brought the kite tail close to a lit candle. The child was undeterred. Wonder blazed in his eyes as he continued his quest. A choir member moved between the soaring kite tail and the flickering taper, where he stood vigil, insuring that wonder didn’t get out of hand.