The last evening spent with the Guatemalan church, gifts were exchanged, encouragement and gratitude for all parts of the body. After nine days of serving and being served by the local church in Patzicia each member of the team was presented with beautiful cloth wallets. The women were asked to come up first and the men followed. Each person on the Salem team was given this gift with a hug. I was the last one to receive a wallet and a powerful tearful hug.


And then the lights went out! As electricity failed throughout the town, the church was plunged into darkness


No one left. Everyone stayed in their seats. Candles and cell phones illuminated the concluding moments of the service. While the meeting was plunged into physical darkness, there was a light that could not be extinguished. The light of love and gratitude shone in the darkness and the darkness could not overcome it. John 1:5