The second day in Patzicia on lunch break I passed a number of trucks bringing supplies to market. One of the trucks had a cartoon of Tweetie Bird below the outside mirror. A jolly voice bade us good morning. It was said in English. I said hello in response.

“I am Sylvio!” he said jauntily. “And you must be Samson!” I smiled at him and pointed out that I still had my hair. He laughed. “I have the best produce in all Patzicia!” he said proudly. We traded words and smiles. I wished him good bye.

Several days later, as we were walking through the market on the way back from the construction site. I heard a voice call out “Hello, Samson!” It was Sylvio. We exchanged more words before continuing on through the market.

After that, I looked for Sylvio or his truck daily. Walking to breakfast on the last day of our time there Sylvio materialized from the back of the produce truck. “Hello Samson!” he said. I said I was leaving and he blessed my travels wishing me well. He joined me in a picture holding one of his prized papaya. I most likely will never see him again.

We crave significance, to know that we are worth interacting with. Perhaps the biggest of God’s gifts that we receive and bestow on each other is the comprehension that we are valuable enough to be noticed and interacted with. We are worth spending time with. Luke 8:43-47