Todd and I met our taxi at the end of the street from the Institute. Taxis can only go so far into the walled city of old Tallinn. We threw our bags in the trunk, jumped in the car and started the ride to the airport for our flight home.

The way people drive in Estonia could be described as polite aggression. Vehicles move with purpose, but defer to other drivers at the last minute. They also drive fast in icy conditions but are able to stop without skidding. Our taxi driver hit speeds of 60 kilometers at spots in the city. I found the drivers in Estonia to be remarkable and very skillful.

The streets were deserted of cars but the sidewalks were crowded. There were random groups of revelers walking like they were not quite ready for the partying to end for the evening. There were also lovers holding on to each other walking arm in arm down the frigid concourse.

Eating dinner last night, we sat near a group of young people who kept the laughter and the beer flowing. When we left the restaurant at 10:30, they looked like they were just getting started.

The impression I was left with was that the streets were alive with those trying to squeeze the last of the partying out of the evening.

It reminded me of the Las Vegas strip at sunrise. It seemed to me that between the big difference between the party people in Tallinn and Las Vegas was the sporting of winter wear.