Todd and I were walking back to the hotel from teaching at the Academy. The snow was a little slick and we were stepping lightly.

We rounded a corner and headed in the direction of a bus stop located in front of us on our side of the street. There were three people there, two younger women and an elderly man. The man caught my eye. He was dressed in a long brown coat and a fur-lined hat. His face was weathered with round cheeks. In his gaping mouth was a single tooth. It was very white, and very big, hanging off his upper gum like a cocoon. As we approached the bus shelter, the man started staring at me, his eyes getting large and round. His stare was so intense that I felt increasingly uncomfortable. His mouth opened and his tooth looked very lonely. I wondered what he’s was staring at.

In the next instant I felt something whiz by my ear. It was the mirror on a bus that passed inches away from me and stopped at the shelter.

After I caught my breath, I looked back and the man had disappeared through the bus doors. I was alone with my tingling ear. A close call, but it was cold, really cold! I moved along the street faster, closer to the buildings than the road.