With jet lag from the trip, I was struggling with a little reflux, and had quickly depleted my small supply of Tums. I decided that I would purchase some at a store near the hotel. I found a store that in Estonian was labeled something that looked like a pharmacy. Entering the store, all the sales women were in scrubs. The layout was very open and looked a lot like an Apple store. I asked if the saleswoman spoke English. She shook her head, no.

I asked for antacid tablets. I pointed at my stomach. I got a quizzical look and she directed me to what looked like acetaminophen. I walked around the different products to see if I could locate anything that even closely resembled stomach relief.

Combing the store several times, I located something that looked like it might work. Anything that says “sensations d”acidity gastrique” must be what I’m looking for. I purchased it from a cashier dressed like a nurse.

On the way back to the hotel, Todd was musing that maybe I should be careful, did I have what I thought I had. I checked at the desk. The woman at the desk said she was pretty sure that it was for stomach relief. Opening the package, it contained 10 grey tablets in foil wrap. Not quite as appetizing as the colorful antacids in the U.S.

I haven’t any reflux yet. Maybe my head is telling my stomach to behave itself so we don’t have to test these puppies out.