I was telling my son, who works as a potter, how sad I would feel if a favorite mug of mine broke. He shared how that would excite him because it would create a space to replace the broken item with another piece of useful art and a benchmark for his craftsmanship. It would provide an invitation for creation.

That metaphor translates well into my life. Brokenness is an indication that things aren’t working as well they have before. It signals a need for something more useful. Acknowledging brokenness in my life can create space for creation. As I concede my brokenness, I am free to let go of things that at one time were useful but have been outgrown.

Admitting brokenness is uncomfortable for me. I don’t like having to face the loss that accompanies that admission. It is frightening and painful. Yet, the sooner I embrace my loss, and let go of the broken fragments, the sooner it frees me up to be able to create something new.

Creation never sleeps. It is always occurring. Looking for brokenness in myself could be a full time job. For today, however, I will sip coffee out of my favorite mug, feel the warmth seep into my palms and revel in the pleasure it gives me. I will acknowledge its fragility by not clinging too tight and embrace the creative space when the cup cracks.