This summer has been the season of rediscovering an old love. I purchased a bicycle that doesn’t punish me for riding it and the two of us have been exploring a small part of my world.  This means I have been traversing though forest and metro, soybean and corn. I have felt the wonder of wind in the face. As well as the sting of incognizant insects.

Close to where we live is a Caribou Coffee store. It is surprising how many paths I follow lead to its doorstep. My order at the counter has been pretty consistent. Because my presence has had a small impact on their business, rarely these days do I have to actually place my order. I simply nod my agreement to an employee shouting out “Small cappuccino!” as I step through the door.

Today as I opened the door to Caribou the Barista looked at me and said she saw me out riding my bike the other day. She pointed at me and told her husband “Hey, there goes the Small Cappuccino Guy!”

In an age of image over substance it is nice to be noticed, but knowing what I drink doesn’t say much about who I am, but I guess it is a start.