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Drinking cappuccino in a coffee house, I was stirred awake by the song playing in the background. It was the band, The Who performing the sing “We don’t get fooled again.”

I remember the ’70’s, driving too fast down dark roads, the voices of change screaming from the radio. Those were days of thinking the world could be different by singing songs.

Now, age is pushing those days farther away, my memories are more powerful than passion, the arrogance of believing the world was my oyster, replaced by the harsh realism that my importance is fading. The gods of rock and roll are balding and wrinkling, if they haven’t died. They have moved from cutting edge to ambience.

I appreciate musicians like Bono, Peter Gabriel, and others who have parleyed their rock god status for measurable change in the world. They continue to demonstrate that positive change can happen when people leave their search for for fan worship to serving others.