Driving to work this morning,  I was thinking of possibilities to strive for. My mind promptly crushed that line of thinking because desiring something can create disappointment if it doesn’t happen.

A strategy I have adopted to cut down on my purchasing of stuff is that I no longer wander through stores, if I can help it. It only makes me realize, that objects I didn’t know existed seconds before, I now can’t live without. By not being exposed to these objects, I don’t feel compelled to own them.  This strategy has worked rather effectively

Squashing the desire to obtain stuff, is a great thing. I don’t use it enough, but I’m getting better. Stopping movement and growth in myself for fear of not achieving, is insidious. What I realized today is that my brain doesn’t see the difference. In it’s willingness to lend assistance, it doesn’t differentiate the desire of what I want to own, from the desire of what I want to become. It does what it has been told to do. Diminish the desire.

Reducing my possessions  is spiritually healing. Squashing movement in my life, kills my spirit. My brain and I have some work to do.