I finished reading the book “The lovely bones”. In the book, the dead as well as the living had to learn how to accept and let go in order to move on. It took time for each of them to learn a new way of living, embrace the new place they found themselves at and to understand that nothing was certain.

The themes resonated in me. That is an emotional stance that I am learning to embrace. It was said about one of  the characters,  Grandma Lynn,  “She no longer believed in talk, it never rescued anything. At seventy she had come to believe in time alone.” pg. 254

That is what I am working on accepting about my life. I am focused on reconciling what I believe is true, with what I can do. I then can let go of the belief  that talk can solve all. Letting go is a dynamic process that never really ends. But letting go can mean a lighter burden. And light feels good.