I watch speechless at the videos of massive devastation in Haiti. Wounded bodies, minds, and souls, wander in a land that, from pictures, looks a lot like one of the rings of Hell.

I also watch a man who claims to represent the love of God, sitting safely in a comfortable room, dressed very professionally, calling these unfortunates “cursed by God”.

I am aware of the supposed history of what happened at the formation of the nation of Haiti in the 1790’s. I am also aware of the history of Vodou in Haiti. The prosperity of the Dominican Republic contrasted with the crushing poverty of Haiti, is identified by some as proof of the consequence of selling out to the Devil. Now an earthquake provides further proof?

I know in our enlightened, scientific society  it’s not always fashionable to speak about the power of darkness, evil spirits, and demon possession. But is it just an unfashionable faux pa to call these people cursed? It seems like such a merciless thing to say, politic or not.

The WWJD bracelet should be consulted at this point. In my reading of the accounts of Jesus life, he came down hardest on religious leaders that laid heavy burdens on those around them.

The question I would ask you Pat is, have you made the burden that the Haitians bear, lighter or heavier?