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I watch speechless at the videos of massive devastation in Haiti. Wounded bodies, minds, and souls, wander in a land that, from pictures, looks a lot like one of the rings of Hell.

I also watch a man who claims to represent the love of God, sitting safely in a comfortable room, dressed very professionally, calling these unfortunates “cursed by God”.

I am aware of the supposed history of what happened at the formation of the nation of Haiti in the 1790’s. I am also aware of the history of Vodou in Haiti. The prosperity of the Dominican Republic contrasted with the crushing poverty of Haiti, is identified by some as proof of the consequence of selling out to the Devil. Now an earthquake provides further proof?

I know in our enlightened, scientific society  it’s not always fashionable to speak about the power of darkness, evil spirits, and demon possession. But is it just an unfashionable faux pa to call these people cursed? It seems like such a merciless thing to say, politic or not.

The WWJD bracelet should be consulted at this point. In my reading of the accounts of Jesus life, he came down hardest on religious leaders that laid heavy burdens on those around them.

The question I would ask you Pat is, have you made the burden that the Haitians bear, lighter or heavier?


In a lot of Christian circles, Rapture is a comforting word. To those unfamiliar with the concept of Rapture, it is an event where many who call themselves Christians, believe that Jesus will come back for his followers and spirit the faithful away from the world to be with Him in Heaven. These true believers anticipate the day of His coming.

In the event of Rapture what happens to the pets of believers? I don’t believe there is scripture to support pet rapture. Are they doomed to wander the Apocalypse without the care of their Christian companions?

A group of compassionate souls have come to save the faithful from this painful predicament. For a modest fee of $110.00, if the Rapture happens within 10 years of contract signing, they will provide Rapture Pet Rescue! $15.00 each to add an additional pets. And why are these rescuers so sure they won’t be raptured? They are a group of enterprising Athiests who are willing to help, for a fee. I found a website that explains it all. For all of you non-believers, here is the link. Eternal Earthbound Pets

Several observations. If you are seriously preparing for the Rapture, here is one additional thing to add to your checklist; find the pets good homes.

Also, I’m hoping these Rapture ready folks who show such concern for their pets are not involved with anything that involves heavy machinery. Forget what happens to your pets when you don’t come home. What about the Atheist who agreed to watch your pet, flying home, only to have the pilot of the plane raptured? I’m pretty sure that it will end badly for any non-believing passengers. I think it safe to say that in the short term your pet may fare better than the Atheist.

And what happens if a Rapture rescuer converts and joins the Rapture ready club? Is there a referral service for a new Atheist rapture rescuer? A refund policy? Rapture ready people may have a vested interest in making sure these kind Atheists are not converted, which will mean Hell for them down the road, but at least your pets will be taken care of. I’m not sure how that fits into an effective evangelism strategy.

What would Jesus do with His pets?

As a conversation starter, I shared a news story I thought would be of interest to my daughter. She chided me that that news was pretty old. Rumors of the story had only broken two days earlier.  To me it was not old news. To my daughter however, it was no longer relevant.

One of the gifts of parenting is accepting that I live on the edge of being irrelevant, and that is okay. Being relevant is such a fleeting thing, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain it. Trying to be relevant with your children is like trying to get them to think you’re funny.

At least in the world of parenting, relevance may be over-rated.

An incident occured, where a good deed I did was completely overlooked. I felt invisible. It is a sad place to be. Like a child, I want to be noticed when I do something good, and when I am not, it hurts.

If I’m honest with myself, I go through most days ungratefully unaware of grace that hounds me. I proudly pat myself on the back when I find something to take credit for, and rarely give thanks for the gift of each breath and each heartbeat.

If I can get past my pouting for being overlooked, I become aware of God standing beside me, smiling, patting me on the back and quietly whispering in my ear, “Welcome to the club”.